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Commissioning and training

  • Our team comes to your site
  • Assembly done with your technicians
  • Commissioning of production machines
  • Your production and maintenance operators receive full training

CEDIPACK is state-accredited to deliver professional training

Reassurance of successful commissioning!
40 years of experience in blow-mould manufacturing of bottles, containers, etc.

Training Cedipack

For optimal training, we generally provide courses in two separate phases:

Initial Training Phase

During the first machine commissioning phase, we provide training on the basic techniques required to use the machine. We address the central topics and you carry out the first adjustments under our supervision.

Second Training Phase

A very rich phase of training as operators already have some experience with the machine and their curiosity is stronger. We cover all possible unforeseen issues and offer suitable solutions (e.g. changing moulds, tools, adjustments, etc.).