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In the course of its activity, CEDIPACK, head office at 6, chemin de Branchy (74600 ANNECY, France), matriculated on the ANNECY register of commerce and companies, collects and processes personal data in full compliance with applicable regulations, namely the French Data Protection Act no. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 amended, and the European General Data Protection Regulation of 27 April 2016 taking effect on 25 May 2018.
CEDIPACK is committed to respecting the privacy of your personal data and processing them with all necessary precautions.
This privacy policy defines and informs you of how CEDIPACK uses and protects data you provide, where applicable when using this website available at https://cedipack.fr.
By visiting the site and using the services of the CEDIPACK website, you automatically accept this privacy policy.
The personal data we request are strictly essential to using our services.

1 – Definition

Cookies :
Cookies are small data files placed on the USER’s computer or device when they visit certain websites. These data files store user data to remember preferences for later visits.
Personal data:
All information concerning a natural person, identified or potentially identified, directly or indirectly, by reference to an identification number or to one or more personal elements. An example is the USER’s email address.

The legal or natural person publishing public communications online, namely for this website: CEDIPACK, 6 chemin de Branchy (74600 ANNECY, France), matriculated on the Annecy register of commerce and companies under the number B 350 489 092.

Person using the website, our services, or receiving services proposed by CEDIPACK.
Personal data processing:
All operations or any set of operations concerning such data, whatever the process applied (collection, storage, organisation, conservation, adaptation or modification, extraction, consultation, use, transmission, diffusion or any other form of delivery, reconciliation or interconnection, locking, erasure or destruction, etc.).

2 – Data controller

The data controller responsible for processing the personal data referred to herein is represented by Dimitri LINARDOS of CEDIPACK, 6 chemin de Branchy (74600 Annecy, France), matriculated on the Annecy register of commerce and companies (RCS) under the number B 350 489 092.

3 – Personal data collected

CEDIPACK hereby clearly informs you of the data processing it operates in the course of its activities, how the data are collected, used, and protected.

The USER has the right to request the following of the Data Controller, i.e. Dimitri LINARDOS:
Access to personal data provided:

Rectification or destruction of the data;

  • La rectification ou l’effacement de celles-ci ;
  • Une limitation du traitement relatif à sa personne ;
  • De s’opposer au traitement ;
  • À la portabilité des données ;
  • D’introduire une réclamation auprès de la CNIL.

With the prior consent of the USER, when they use our media we maay gather and process any or part of the following information:

  • Nom, prénom ;
  • Adresse e-mail ;
  • Numéro de téléphone ;
  • Adresse postale ;
  • Votre fonction ;
  • Nom de votre site internet ;
  • Autres…

3.1. Finalités des données collectées à caractère personnel, utilisées et conservées

The purpose of processing is defined as the main objective of a personal data business application.
For CEDIPACK, these purposes are clear and listed below:

  • Gérer des clients, prospects, autres : une information, une documentation, un devis, une candidature à un emploi, un contrat de partenariat ;
  • Envoyer des e-mailings personnalisés ;
  • Fournir les informations ou les services que vous avez demandés ;
  • S’abonner à une liste pour recevoir par e-mail une newsletter ou une notification à chaque fois qu’un nouvel article de blog est créé sur le site internet ;
  • Formuler un commentaire suite à la lecture d’un article de blog ou d’un commentaire sur un article de blog ;
  • Recueillir des informations nous permettant d’améliorer notre site internet, nos produits et services (notamment par le biais de cookies) ;
  • Pouvoir vous contacter à propos de différents évènements relatifs à CEDIPACK incluant notamment la mise à jour des produits et le support client.

Each data collection process has a specific purpose, defined by each form. CEDIPACK will not use personal data collected for another purpose than that specified without requesting further permission from the USER.
We only use your personal data based on the explicit consent you have provided for this purpose.

Visitor statistics:
CEDIPACK uses Google Analytics© (open-source solution).

We collect technical and profiling data for the following purposes: The website automatically collects certain technical data concerning your device. Such information may include your IP address, hardware and software configuration, browser type and language, etc. We gather these data as they are essential for use to deliver our services.
We also collect technical data for commercial and statistical purposes:
The website automatically collects technical data concerning your device for commercial and statistical purposes. This information helps us to personalise and continuously improve your visitor experience on our website. We do not collect or store personal details (first & last name, address, etc.) attached to technical data.
All data gathered is only ever used by CEDIPACK.

3.2. Destinataires des données

Data transferred to third parties
Subject to the provisions of this personal data privacy policy or on the condition that we have obtained your consent beforehand, we may transfer your personal data to our subcontractors.
CEDIPACK requires of its service providers that they only use your personal data to manage the services that we request them to provide. CEDIPACK also requires that its service providers ensure compliance with data protection laws and regulations, paying special attention to the privacy of the data. To pursue this objective, CEDIPACK will ensure its subcontractors are compliant before using their services.
Moreover, CEDIPACK will not disclose your personal data to third parties except if:
You (or your account administrator acting in your name) make the request or authorise disclosure;
Disclosure is required to process transactions or to deliver services that you have requested;
In the event of summons to appear before a court or any other similar governmental or judicial requirement by a government body or regulatory authority in order to investigate or defend a legal request, CEDIPACK is obliged to comply with the demand;
The third party acts as an agent or subcontractor of CEDIPACK in the execution of its services (e.g. using the services of a telecommunications provider).
Currently the data recipients are:

  • OVH : Infogérance du serveur de production.
  • Ces entreprises sont conformes au règlement RGPD.

Data conservation period
As specified in section 3.1, we do not store personal data on the website server except in the following cases:
Newsletter list: from the date of the USER’s registration until they unsubscribe.
Blog subscriber list: from the date of the USER’s registration until they unsubscribe.
Comments on articles: 36 months (3 years) from the last comment. CEDIPACK erases the personal data of users who are inactive for 3 years from the database and places them in an exclusion database.
Then, every 13 months CEDIPACK re-requests the consent of site USERS to manage its cookies.

4 – Utilisation des cookies

CEDIPACK hereby clearly informs you of the data processing it operates in the course of its activities, how the data are collected, used, and protected.

You can disable or enable cookies at any time. The purpose of the cookies is to store your website browsing habits (date and time of visit, page(s) viewed, date and times of clicks, click locations, etc.). This information enables CEDIPACK to personalise the website to your individual interests, with quicker access to relevant sections for example.

The cookies used on our website are of several types:

  • Les cookies dits « Techniques » :
    Ces cookies sont indispensables à la navigation sur notre site internet ;
  • Les cookies dits « fonctionnels » :
    Ils nous permettent de nous souvenir de vos préférences et de vous aider à utiliser notre site internet. Ces cookies fonctionnels ne sont pas indispensables au bon fonctionnement du site internet, mais ils offrent des fonctionnalités supplémentaires et ils permettent de vous proposer une navigation optimale ;
  • Les cookies analytiques :
    Ils nous permettent de conserver des données dans notre outil d’analyse de trafic et d’utilisation du site internet ;
  • Les cookies publicitaires :
    Nous n’utilisons pas ce type de cookies. Notre site internet est sans publicité.

Purpose of cookies
We remind you that refusing cookies is likely to alter your ability to access and use features on our website (e.g. view videos, store your login details, receive personalised recommendations, etc.).
We invite you to configure your browser settings in light of the purpose of cookies explained above, and manage them to suit your needs.

5 – Lieu de stockage des données et transferts

The data servers used to store data are exclusively within the EU. The COMPANY reserves the right to access the USER’s personal data, to store and share them under legal obligation (summons or court order to produce documentation, etc.) if so required by law.

6 – Hébergement des données à caractère personnel

Your personal data are stored either in our databases or in those of our service provider.
Contact details:
Server managed by IONOS by 1&1 – 7 Place de la Gare 57200 Sarreguemines, France;
We have completed prior checks on the compliance of these providers with applicable regulations, to ensure the security of your personal data.

7 – Portabilité des données

The right to portability was introduced to the French Consumer Code by articles L.244-42-1 and subs. by the French law for a Digital Republic (Loi pour une République Numérique) of 7 October 2016 and more recently by the European General Data Protection Regulation. It offers individuals the right to obtain and use their personal data to meet their own needs, via a range of services.
Three conditions must be met to exercise this right:
• The right to portability is limited to the personal data provided by the USER.
• It shall only apply if the data are processed by automated means and on the basis of the prior consent of the USER or the execution of an agreement entered into with the USER.
• Exercising this right shall not violate the rights and freedoms of third parties whose personal data are included within the data transferred via a request for portability.

8 – Sécurité

The COMPANY takes all necessary measures to protect your data, including preventing unauthorised access, even if we are unable to guarantee the security of any data transmitted via Internet due to its immensity and the development of hostile technologies.

8.1. Information de l’Utilisateur en cas de faille de sécurité

The COMPANY and its subcontractors shall implement all suitable technical and organisational measures using physical and digital security defences to ensure a suitable level of protection against the risk of accidental, unauthorised or illegal access, disclosure, alteration, loss, or destruction of your personal data. If we detect illegal access to your personal data stored on our servers or those of our service providers, or unauthorised access resulting in materialisation of the risks identified above, we undertake to:

  • Vous notifier l’incident dans les plus brefs délais si cela répond à une exigence légale ;
  • Examiner les causes de l’incident ;
  • Prendre les mesures nécessaires, dans la limite du raisonnable, afin d’amoindrir les effets négatifs et préjudices pouvant résulter du dit incident.
  • Prévenir la CNIL de l’incident et des solutions mises en œuvre en rapport au(x) préjudice(s) causé(s).

8.2. Limite de responsabilité

CEDIPACK and its subcontractors shall deploy all suitable means but are unable to guarantee 100% protection. Security management tools are not able to offer 100% protection against all imaginable attacks. Although they significantly increase security, they cannot replace the human brain.

9 – Droit de la personne concernée / Droit d’accès, de rectification, de rétractation et de suppression

In accordance with the French Data Protection Act and the EU Directive 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR), you have the right to access, rectify, and delete your personal data using one of the following methods:
Contact form, application forms, partnership forms: communications via these forms are not subject to the collection of personal data, so it will not be possible to unsubscribe;
Subscription forms to our blog and comments: communications via these forms require the collection of personal data for identification; an unsubscribe link will be available in each notification e-mail. A clear procedure is available to withdraw consent and destroy all personal data.
Newsletter subscription form: communications via these forms require the collection of personal data and an unsubscribe link will be available in each notification e-mail. A clear procedure is available to withdraw consent.
The USER will be informed beforehand that destruction is definitive and the data will no longer exist.
To exercise your right, you may also write to us at [email protected] including your first and last name, as well as the e-mail address used to register with us.

10 – Résolution des conflits/litiges

For any dispute concerning the privacy policy, notably concerning its validity, its interpretation and its execution, the consequences and the outcome of such disputes shall fall under the jurisdiction of Paris commercial courts.

11 – Modification de la politique de confidentialité

We inform you that this privacy policy may be updated or completed at any time by CEDIPACK, to ensure compliance with any changes to laws, regulations, case law, or technology.
Modifications to our privacy policy will be published on the website and transferred by email if necessary.

12 – Droit applicable et langue

This privacy policy is governed by French law. Its original version is in French. As it may be translated into other languages, in the event of dispute only the original French version shall be binding. The invalidity of one condition or clause shall not render the whole privacy policy invalid. The temporary or permanent non-application of one or more conditions by CEDIPACK shall not be considered as a waiver of any other conditions, all of which shall continue to have legal effect.

13 – Décharge de responsabilité

CEDIPACK and all third parties involved in the creation and publication of this website provide no guarantee, whether explicit or implicit, and assume no liability concerning the use of this publication. In this respect, they may not be held liable to any USER or other party for direct or indirect damage, special, specific or ancillary damage resulting from their use of this website or any other website to which hypertext links point.

Some information and data provided on the website are produced by third parties: CEDIPACK shall make its best efforts to ensure such information is reliable, relevant, accurate, and comprehensive, but shall not be liable for any errors or lack of availability of information. The content of any feedback to CEDIPACK shall be deemed non-confidential and free to use. Unless otherwise explicitly agreed, CEDIPACK may freely use any ideas, concepts, know-how, or techniques disclosed in such communication for all relevant purposes without restriction, to reproduce and disclose any information to third parties.

14 – Contact / Interlocuteur

All questions concerning the CEDIPACK privacy policy may be submitted by e-mail or by post to the following address: